Les Rogers (American, b. 1966), Crooked Highway, 2003. Oil on canvas, 60 x 84 in.
freudian concept of “deferred action” (nachträglichkeit)

refers to a figure, an experience or a secondary scene that comes too late, that reenacts the scene that has already taken place, thereby constructing it as a scene that is emotionally important or meaningful. in other words, trauma is established through a relationship between two events: a first event, which at the time does not seem to be traumatic, because when it occurs it is still too soon to comprehend its full significance; and a second event that may not be inherently traumatic in itself but that triggers a memory of the earlier event, which is only then filled with traumatic significance. 

Jenn Warpole

Stressed Out, for NPR.

Dead mother
One day, a man and woman had a bad argument. The man got so angry that he killed his wife. He immediately regretted what he had done as the two had children together, but he didn’t want to be caught. He eventually decided to bury his wife’s body under the living room floor.
Days went by, and he never told his kids what had really happened. He hated himself for it. He thought his children must be sensing his distress because they looked up at him far more often than they used to. Sometimes they would stare and stare at him, seemingly without reason. It didn’t seem weird to him, though. After all, their mother was gone.
One day, he snapped. He couldn’t keep the secret anymore.
“Hey kids,” he started. “I have something really important I need to talk about with you…”
“Huh?” his son’s eyes widened. “Really? What’s it about? We have to tell you something, too.”
“Oh? Would you like to speak first?” He was quite perplexed.
“Well, Daddy,” his little girl looked up towards him. “It’s kind of weird, but…”
The two children looked above his head as they finished speaking together.
“Why have you been giving Mommy a piggy back ride for so long?”Creepythread

My last piece for Bicycle Magazine’s The Shift column. In the current issue now. I tweaked the colors a bit here from the version that went to print. Thanks Colin McSherry for all the great assignments!

Here’s a peek at my piece Demon Dog for the upcoming LGAL Skateboard Show ‘Skate or Die’, opening Oct. 10th! #lgal

Larry Rivers:  Self-portrait  (1953)